Water hikes & experiences in South Tyrol

A watery wonderland

Between mountains and stones, there is rushing, trickling, bubbling and flowing.
Sometimes gentle, sometimes wild, sometimes loud and sometimes still, lively and calming, but always mysterious. It is not without reason that the Valle di Selva dei Molini is also known as the “Valley of Water”, as streams both small and large, crystal-clear lakes and thundering waterfalls can be found throughout the area. The water shapes the landscape, which lives, pulsates and breathes.
In and out.

Not to forget: from winter 2024, you can order fresh Mühlwald spring water in our dining room, which has been revitalized with special mountain stones.

Nature experience H2O
The wonder of water

It has always been water that has set the tone in the 16 km long Valle di Selva dei Molini, a side valley of the Valle Aurina. It was once the mills, today it is the power stations that utilise the water power. But the clear mountain streams and waterfalls have never lost their special attraction as excursion destinations and places of power.

Museum of the Magic of Water in Lutago - Hotel Mühlwald Wildflower hike around the Neves reservoir - Hotel Mühlwald Information board at the Water Magic Museum in Lutago - Hotel Mühlwald Neves reservoir in autumn - Hotel Mühlwald

Museum „Magic of Water“

Use your own energy to make water jump, taste gemstone water and immerse yourself in a mysterious world – at the cellar vaults of the Widum in Lappago it’s all about water. A variety of themed trails start directly at the museum:

The „Power of Water” theme trail

… leads around the Selva dei Molini reservoir “Meggima”, which you can already see from our hotel. You can reach it from the hotel in about ten minutes on foot and then walk around it. The tour is fun and perfect for relaxing.

Theme trail „Water and Wheel – Saw – Waterfall”

… takes you on a journey through the era when mills and saws used water power to generate energy; for grinding grain or sawing wood, forging metal.

Theme trail „Lappacher Klamm"

… leads right into the heart of the Lappago gorge natural monument. Bridges, paths and steps lead through the gorge and forest, past three rushing waterfalls and various stations: “Petrified Sea – Geology”, “Faith and Technology”, “Stream and World”, “Faith and Mysticism”.

Theme trail „Neves, the mega reservoir"

… leads around the Lago di Neves reservoir and promises impressive insights and wonderful views. It is particularly beautiful in summer when the water is turquoise and in autumn when the colourful trees are reflected on the surface.