Gourmet hotel South Tyrol: Our Restaurant Vergissmeinnicht

Not just a feast for the eyes

Take a look outside from your bed and listen. Do you hear them too?
The mountains that are calling to you? But before you set off on alpine adventures, you can enjoy all sorts of culinary peaks in our Hotel Mühlwald and in the Vergissmeinnicht restaurant in Ahrntal. All without breaking a sweat.

For a good start to the day
Breakfast like a king
8:00 am until 10:00 am
Kettle and iron pot for tea - Hotel Mühlwald Breakfast table with bread, fruit salad, jams, juice and croissants - Hotel Mühlwald

… there was a breakfast buffet, filled with fresh bread from the local baker, local cheeses and cured meats of every kind, homemade jams, organic eggs from the Mairhof in Campo Tures, aromatic coffee and tea, mum and grandma’s sweet cakes, high-quality fruit juices from surrounding farms & much more. Or in other words: a breakfast that will make every guest smile from the inside out.

PS: celiac disease and/or lactose intolerance? For a small surcharge and upon request, you don’t have to miss out on anything while staying here.

A sip of holiday serenity
Moments of holiday enjoyment at the bar
Bar counter with dark brown stools - Hotel Mühlwald Various bottles of Gin - Hotel Mühlwald

Whether an aperitif, a digestive or the perfect accompaniment to your meal – there is something for every taste at our bar. The motto is “Made in South Tyrol”. Which essentially means: all soft drinks, fruit juices, wines and schnapps come from the region. After all, you can drink your classic Coke at home – so why not take the opportunity to try something new?

  • homemade elderberry, herbal and cranberry juices
  • Signature drinks: Bergsteigerspritz & Mountainspritz
  • Apple juice from Weissenhof, soft drinks from the region
  • Hand-selected wines from winemakers and wineries in South Tyrol
  • High-quality schnapps and liqueurs from Alpen High® – Seppila from Casies

PS: it has been proven to help with digestion and is very popular with our guests – our home-grown digestive schnapps “Tochal”

Served from the heart
Restaurant Vergissmeinnicht
7:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Serving food at the Hotel Mühlwald Toast and steamed vegetables - Hotel Mühlwald Egg noodles with baby spinach - Hotel Mühlwald Carpaccio with salad - Hotel Mühlwald Chef preparing gnocchi in a red sauce - Hotel Mühlwald Set table with beautifully prepared food - Hotel Mühlwald

Are you open to culinary surprises and creative experiments?
Our gastronomic heart beats for regional tasting adventures, aromatic new discoveries, Italian lightness, traditional soul food compositions. We’re honest: if you’re looking for daily pasta parties and schnitzels, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our chefs Christian and Tommy use the best local ingredients to conjure up a special and exciting 5-course menu with cool salad bowls that are different every day. By the way: we cook purely vegetarian meals twice a week. Not only for the sake of the environment, but also for our and your health.

PS: we are also a family business in and out of the kitchen …

Cook chopping herbs - Hotel Mühlwald
Gourmet guru & mix master

… is Alexandra’s boyfriend and juggles knives and pans, stirs and sizzles, steams and fries, glazes and refines, seasons and conjures up temptingly aromatic creations in the kitchen. But that is not the only reason we often hear the many “Ahh’s!” and “Ohh’s!” from our guests. He can also be found at the bar, shaking, composing, mixing, blending and pouring. He has already gained a wealth of experience as a chef and bartender in a variety of places and countries and has thus refined his culinary signature and the art of mixing. The selection of ingredients that end up in his pot and glasses are hand-picked, sometimes self-harvested, fresh and regional. That means: origin and quality have top priority. Away from the stoves and shakers, Christian can be found in the nature, in the forest and on the mountains, where he basks in the peace and inner tranquillity.

The chef swirls the food in the pan - Hotel Mühlwald
Kitchen artist

… as Christian´s brother and youngest member of our team, he adds a touch of freshness. In addition to his culinary creations, his stories and anecdotes always ensure a good mood and plenty of entertainment in our kitchen.

Know where it comes from:
ingredients from the regional treasury trove

First of all: everything is homemade here. That means: the pasta, the ravioli, the cake and much more. We source certain things that we can’t conjure up from selected local partners. Would you like a little foretaste?

  • Organic vegetables as well as herbs & salads from Bruggerhof (Gais)
  • Salads and herbs from the local garden (depending on the season)
  • Organic eggs from the Mairhof (Molini di Tures)
  • Meat from highland cattle from Knappenhof (Selva dei Molini)
  • a wide variety of local wild herbs that we pick in the forests of Selva dei Molini & Lappago