Valle Aurina insider tips: summer & winter holidays in Val Pusteria

The fascination of Valle di Selva dei Molini

We love our homeland. The 80 three-thousanders that watch over the valley. The diversity that grows and thrives here. Nature as it lives and breathes. An active holiday in the Valle di Selva dei Molini is so diverse that you will want to keep coming back. Discover even more, immerse yourself even deeper. And so nameless mountain giants become favourite peaks, undiscovered waters become places of power and all the places you visit become memories that you will never forget …

Experiences around water
Lake of Selva di Molini - Hotel Mühlwald Wildflower hike around the Neves reservoir - Hotel Mühlwald A couple resting on a pier of a mountain lake while hiking, a blurred rock in the foreground - Hotel Mühlwald Father and child resting on a stone at the lake Wengsee in Selva di Molini - Hotel Mühlwald Group rafting to the waterfall - Hotel Mühlwald Schwarzbach waterfall in Lutago - Hotel Mühlwald Family with child enjoying a Kneipp session in Selva di Molini - Hotel Mühlwald


Lago Meggima

… is only a few minutes away from the hotel. Also known as Mühlwalder See, the reservoir offers all kinds of leisure activities. Swimming is not permitted, but fly fishing is. In winter, you will find the Tamarix Family Park here, with tubes, magic carpet and more to inspire your first adventures in the snow.

The Lago di Neves

… is one of around 14 reservoirs in South Tyrol. Located towards the far end of the Valle di Selva dei Molini, it is the perfect excursion destination for the summer and autumn. You can walk around the lake on the specially created themed trail and discover all kinds of interesting facts about the flora, fauna and geology.

The Seeberg lakes

… are a true place of power: the tour begins above the Lappago village centre at the Zösenberg car park. Climb up over the mountain pastures, let your eyes wander and open your heart – to the experiences of nature. And after two hours you will be there, at the idyllic Seeberg lakes.

Lago del Passo

… has chosen a particularly beautiful piece of earth to call home.
Not far from the Paso de Sella, it shares the space with two other smaller lakes, the Goldsee and the smaller version of itself. There is nothing to disturb the peace and quiet here, just the sound of the wind, the whistling of the marmots, the calls of the eagles and the whispering of the surrounding peaks.

Lago Ponte di Ghiaccio

… lies in a hollow at the foot of the Hoher Weißzint. To reach the lake, start the tour to the Edelrauthütte, which you can reach in around two hours from the Lago di Neves. This connects the Valle di Fundres valley with the Valle Aurina via the Neves High Trail and the Chemnitzer Hut. You can reach the 400 m long, 250 m wide and 15 m deep glacial lake in another hour or so.

Lago di Chiusetta

… is a small natural jewel in the Klausberg skiing and hiking area, above Cadipietra. Starting from the Klausberg mountain station, you can reach the lake within one and a half hours via an alpine road or forest trail. The lake is framed by the marvellous mountain giants of the Zillertal Alps and, in summer, by countless alpine rose blossoms.

Lago Venga

… is surrounded by dense forest, larch trees, alpine roses and untouched nature. In essence: a place of power that invites you to take a time out and linger. You can reach the Waldsee following a moderately steep but not difficult hike in around three hours. The mountain giant “Donnerschlag” towers above the lake. The tour starts from the hotel.

The Rio Nero waterfall

… plunges some 15 metres into the depths of the Schwarzbachklamm gorge in Lutago, where it thunders into a mysterious blue lagoon. It can be reached via the one-and-a-half hour waterfall circuit, which leads through forests, along paths, past wooden sculptures and right into the gorge. 

The Riva di Tures waterfall

… are a popular excursion destination in the Rieserferner Group National Park. Starting from the waterfall bar at Campo Tures, your adventure begins: along the forest path, through the forest, along the path of contemplation of St. Francis, past figures, cairns and steps, you climb up and get closer and closer to the three waterfalls. The third and last one is undoubtedly the most impressive – have your camera ready and don’t be put off by a few refreshing drops of water! PS.: from here you can pay a visit to the Capella di S. Francesco e Clara chapel (to the right), stop off at the Gasthof Toblhof (to the left) or start the way back. You can also experience it either on foot or in flight via the fly line

Kneipp water therapy

… brings body, mind and soul back into balance. From our hotel you can start the hike to the Kneipp circuit in Selva dei Molini. The Kneipp circuit on the Rio di Lappago is also the starting point for the theme trail “The Power of Water”. You can find other water parks and health trails in Campo Tures, Rio Bianco, Lutago, San Giacomo and Predoi.

Active throughout the year
Two hikers on the high trail in the mountains of Selva di Molini - Hotel Mühlwald A cross-country skier on the trail - Hotel Mühlwald Sunrise at the summit cross in the mountains of the Valle Aurina - Hotel Mühlwald Two children on the toboggan run - Hotel Mühlwald Mine of Predoi - Hotel Mühlwald Two skiers with skis and poles in their hands - Hotel Mühlwald


The Monte Corno (2.475 m)

… is affectionately known as “Henne” by the locals and is the perfect mountain for anyone who longs for seclusion. On the way to your destination, you cross the rushing waters of the Tristenbach stream, leaving rustic forest and meadow slopes behind you until you finally have a wonderful view of the Valle di Selva dei Molini and the summit cross of the Henne. You should allow for at least three hours for the ascent. The tour starts from Selva di Molini, from the Gornerberg car park in front of the Hochgruber Hof.

The Eggespitz (2.187 m)

… is a real insider tip, because there are no well-trodden tourist trails leading up to it. In other words: if you can do without the crowds and prefer a leisurely and quiet pace, you will be rewarded with magnificent panoramic views after the ascent: nothing blocks the view of the Fundres mountains and the glacier world of the Zillertal Alps and possibly the best thing – nothing disturbs the silence up there. The tour starts at the Zösenberg hiking car park. Allow at least two hours for the ascent.

To the Rieglerjoch (2.439 m)

… the ascent is not only worth it in summer, but also in winter: a pleasure ski tour that is not too difficult and offers great descents. If conditions are good, you can also climb to the Hörndle. Start of the tour? Shortly after the Bergmeisteralm at Zösenberg in the Zösenbergtal.

Sunrises and sunsets in the mountains

… everyone has to experience them once. Various mountain giants in the Valle di Selva dei Molini and the surrounding area are ideal for doing so. Our tips: Eggespitz (2,187 m), Henne (2,475 m), Weizgruberalm (2,040 m), Monte Spico (2,400 m), Chemnitzer Hütte (2,419 m), Edelrauthütte (2,545 m).

The Alta Via di Neves

… takes you right into the heart of the Zillertal Alps, natural landscapes and panoramas that will leave you speechless. Is that why it is one of the most beautiful high-altitude trails in South Tyrol? Who knows. In any case, it connects the Chemnitzer Hütte with the Edelrauthütte and leads through forest and meadow slopes, alpine meadows with a sea of alpine roses, over rocky steps, past the glacier’s source stream, once again into a pure alpine paradise. There are lots of things that cannot be put into words; you have to see them with your own eyes. The tour starts at the Lago di Neves reservoir in Lappago.

The Kellerbauerweg

… starts at the Sonnklarhütte on Monte Spico. This means: first take the lift up and enjoy the view. The tour starts at path number 27 and has plenty of diverse impressions to offer. The path leads to Monte Spico (summit ascent optional), to Henne, Fadner Joch, Gorner Joch, Wurmtaler Joch, Zinsnock, Forcella Lappago, Tristenspitz with Tristensee and finally to the Chemnitzer Hütte. Allow plenty of time, as the trail is 21 kilometres long – stable weather for the hike is an absolute must!

The Lenkjöchelhütte (2.603 m)

… is the goal of a magnificent circular tour that attracts with all sorts of scenic diversity.
The tour starts at the end of the Tures end of the Valle Aurina, in Casere. From here you reach the mysterious-looking Valle del Vento, whose landscape is reminiscent of the film classic “Lord of the Rings”. Magnificent alpine meadows, contrasting mountain giants, gushing waterfalls and several rocky steps lead you up to the “Lenkl” and the high alpine refuge below the mighty Pizzo Rosso. A stop for refreshments is a must, aside from some hearty dishes, the crowning glory of the ascent awaits: a schnapps with the hut landlord. The descent takes you through the rustic Valle Rossa valley, past the old mining tunnels and back to the starting point.

The Weizgruberalm (2.032 m)

… is a favourite excursion destination for the locals. And  you know what they say: where the locals go must be good. Your adventure starts from our doorstep and takes you partly on tarmac roads and partly on forest paths. The Weizgruberalm is not far and the panoramic terrace invites you to enjoy – with both your eyes and your tastebuds. PS.: in winter you will also find a toboggan run here. 

The Skiworld Valle Aurina ski and hiking area

… consists of 86 kilometres of slopes, 21 lifts, 6 fun parks and 100% snow fun.
The Skiworld includes the two ski mountains Monte Spico and Klausberg as well as two village lifts in Rive di Tures and in Rio Bianco, which are particularly suitable for children and beginners to practice.

  • Highlights of Skiarena Klausberg: Snowpark “Funtaklaus”, “Klausiland” for the kids, Dino-Funline, Alpine Coaster Klausberg Flitzer, two toboggan runs and Zipline Klausberg
  • Highlights of the Monte Spico ski area: observation tower at 2,400 m, speedline, family fun park, two toboggan runs, including the longest toboggan run in South Tyrol
In the Predoi show mine

… you transport yourself back to a time when up to 84 tons of copper ore was mined each year. For 500 years – and in arduous conditions underground. Take a seat in the yellow mine train and head straight into the middle of an adventure, into the world of the miners. Here you not only learn about the life and work of the miners, but you also get to smell the particularly pure air in the so-called climate tunnel.

On the Casere health path

… you embark on a journey to your self, your well-being. You can start the tour in Predoi or Casere which lasts 45 minutes. It takes you from Predoi to Casere, to the Cappella del Santo Spirito and back again. There are lots of attractions and natural spectacles hidden along the way. If you wish, you can take a short break from the circular hike to climb the fifteen minutes up to the rushing waterfall.

Cross-country skiing heaven

… here in Selva dei Molini, in Predoi, Riva di Tures and in Rio Bianco.
What could be better than gliding over the snow in fantastic weather while enjoying magnificent mountain panoramas? If you start in Selva dei Molini, you can look forward to 16 kilometres of cross-country trails that will take you into the valley as far as Lappago. In Rio Bianco you can look forward to 10 km, in Casere the sunny trail with 3 to 10 km promises sunny views and in the cross-country skiing centre Riva di Tures you can give it your all on 15 km.

Whizzing through the snow on a toboggan

… brings back many childhood memories and is great fun on the surrounding toboggan runs:

  • Klausberg | 12.8 km (2 toboggan runs)
  • Monte Spico | 18.2 km (2 toboggan runs)
  • Predoi | 6 km
  • Rio Bianco | 7 km
  • Selva dei Molini | 4.3 km

You can get real insider tips

… directly from us. After all, we know our homeland better than the back of our hand. Which is a real holiday bonus for you …