Your holiday in the family-run 3-star Hotel Mühlwald

Warm-hearted and straightforward

We are three warm-hearted Teldra women, mother Bruni, daughter Alexandra and daughter Judith, who stick together and go through thick and thin, come what may. And we warmly welcome you with open arms.

Our philosophy in a few words?
Everything that happens with love turns out good and can even become great.

A little bit of everything:
your hosts

Hostess Alexandra - Hotel Mühlwald
The chatterbox with the inner serenity

… can usually be found chatting at reception or enjoying lively conversations in the dining room. Her superpower? Listening, of course. But she is also a real pro when it comes to “nattering” and “chatting”. Our guests love it because they get the very best insider tips from her.
She only becomes quiet when she does yoga, because Alexandra is well aware that sometimes there is strength in calm.

One insider tip of many: Lago del Passo in Valle del Passo/Valle di Zösen

Host mother Bruni - Hotel Mühlwald
The leader of the pack with a love of baking

… has plenty of know-how, after all, she has been involved in the business for quite a while. That’s why she always knows how to keep a cool head, not only but especially when her daughters have too many ideas at once. You will also meet Bruni at the breakfast service, where she will greet you with genuine warmth that will put a smile on everyone´s face. And at the very latest when you taste one of her cake creations – which thankfully are already available for breakfast (after all – you only live once!)

One insider tip of many: Giogo del Corno and Cima Henn

Hostess Judith - Hotel Mühlwald
The maker of everything possible with a penchant for perfection

… sometimes she finds it a little difficult to let things go. Nevertheless, that is exactly one of her absolute strengths – and we are happy to have her and her organisational talent otherwise we would probably sink into creative chaos. We are also sure: Judith has overcome more “Mission Impossibles” than Tom Cruise. That means she finds a solution for everything, which sometimes borders on little miracles. Her heart is big, her eyes are alert and her attention to detail is unmistakable. Is that why she sometimes takes on too much? Perhaps. But there is always a happy end.

One insider tip among many: Monte Bello in Rio Bianco

The house:
to immerse yourself and feel good

Fireplace with a black sofa and a small table in front of it - Hotel Mühlwald Book by Charles Schumann's Bar - Hotel Mühlwald Dried flower table decoration in the dining room - Hotel Mühlwald Bedroom pillow with deer antler application - Hotel Mühlwald

A for ambience

It’s not just in our rooms that you can enjoy yourself, because a sense of cosiness is found throughout our hotel: raise a glass to friendship, love and life – in our spacious bar.
Bask in the warmth of the open fire on chilly autumn and winter nights – in the elegant lounge. Admire the sunset and breathe in the scent of the wild flower garden – on the atmospherically lit sun terrace. And where is your favourite spot?

Two cows lying in the meadow - Hotel Mühlwald

N for love of nature

Sustainability, a profound concept. And very wide-ranging. As always, it’s the first step that counts and the fact that you take it at all. We want to relieve the burden on the nature that surrounds us and with which we grow. We are always looking for new ways to become more environmentally friendly. We’re still far from perfect, but we’re perhaps a little braver than those who don’t dare to take this step.

That’s what we stand for:


  • For a green future: avoiding unnecessary rubbish, avoiding waste and better allocation of resources
  • For a good inner feeling: use of purely local products in the kitchen, use of ingredients according to the zero kilometre philosophy, fixed menu and salad bowls instead of a salad buffet
  • For a clear conscience: room cleaning six times a week with the option for our guests to skip daily room cleaning