Wellness in the Valle Aurina

Relax, enjoy and forget the stress of everyday life
Come to us and experience a world without hectic pace and the stress of everyday life.
Allow yourself to enjoy the quite and relaxation, that you earned after a very exciting and eventful day in the beautiful nature and end the day harmoniously in our wellness and pool area.

Our Wellness area invites you to dive in and enjoy the pleasent effect of water in the Valle Aurina. Recharge your batteries for another eventfull day ahead in the fresh and clear water of our Wellness area.
Sauna Hotel Mühlwald

Finnish Sauna

Cleanse. Detox. Relax.
At the saunas dry heat between 80°C and 95°C the body starts to absorb toxins and pollutants. Additionally the heat relaxes the muscles and so tensions start to loosen up. The sauna heat also expands the vascular system, which stimulates the circulation.
Wellness Hotel Mühlwald

Treatments for boddy and soul

Relax and recharge and renew
It's "you" time

Does stress and everyday life make you feel tense and worn out?

Then go ahead an treat yourself to a soothing and regenerating massage, where you can really relax your mind and body and recharge your batteries. Discover our spa treatments and experience your physical and psychological wellness and well being.

Slow down the pace, take a deep breath and enjoy your holiday, from one moment to the next.