At the heart of the South Tyrolean

Our history. Hot Spot. Dolce Vita.
A vacation where you can you can discover the diversity of our beautiful country and so combine culture and relaxation.

Between Pizza and Apple Strudel

It's the meeting of the german, italian and ladin language.
It's the combination of south tyrolean calmness and rural tradition.
It's "typical south tyrolean specialites meet italian delicacies".

Who spends a vacation in South Tyrol, experiences our countries tradition at first hand.

Culture for the whole family.

Attractions worth seeing in South Tyrol
South Tyrol has so many museums, that it can be a hell of a desicion which to visit first.
This small sellection of nearby meusums should help you along and clarifiy which museum suits you the best.
Water museum Lappach

Water Museum " the magic of water"

The exhibition, in the vestry of Lappch/Lappago, is devoted to the theme "the magic of water".
This exeptional museum was created in close colaboration with the german artist Peter Schreiner.
Discover the water with all its facets and secrets completely new!
Turning it form something ordinary to something magical!


For some people vacation means action, a long hike to the remote mountain huts, climbing the different summits or exploring the beautiful surroundings with the mountainbike. But others prefere to dedicate their holidays to the culture and history of our small country. They prefere to meet local people and enjoy our unique cuisine.

South Tyroleans are very picky when it comes to old traditons, so they are still lovingly cared for nowadays.
Experience the culture and learn about the traditions that make us South Tyroleans to the people we are today.