Hiking holidays in the Valle Aurina

Take your walking shoes and off into the great outdoors

A hiking vacation in our beautilful Valley is balm for body and soul.

The picture-perfect nature surrounding our hotel invites to long walks along rivers and lakes or on small paths in the forest.
The breathtaking combination of mountains, lakes, glaciers and huts, along with the the fascinating panorma of the Valle Aurina makes it the amazing hiking paradise, that it is.
Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

With two sticks to a healthy and tone body.

Wether you are a beginner or a pro, alone, in two or with the whole family - the Valle Aurina offers endless opportunities to enjoy the breathtaking and impressive landscape.

Our extensive program ranges from Nordic-Walking- taster-courses to joint Nordic-Walking Tours.

If you would like to explore our surroundings on your own, we are very happy to provide you our Nordic-Walking equipment.

Try it and convince yourself if it's true what athletes say:"Nordic Walking is the best finish invention since the sauna."

Sunrise hike

Experience the undiscribable feeling of standing on a mountain peak, when the sun paints the horizon blood-red and a new day beginns.

To wake up and leave your comfy bed at such an early hour, requires quite a bit of motivation. but when you see the first sunlight emerge and the darkness increasingly giving way to the light, the last tiredness and exertion are completely wiped away.

To stay safe in the mountains during night and morning hours, a good local knowledge is just as essential as special attention,.
That's why guided Sunrse hikes at the Speikboden are such an important part of our Active Program.

What a glorious greeting the sun gives the mountains.
- John Muir
Kinder mit Kühen

Alpine Lodges and Hiking Guide

Take a look at our Alpine Tour Guide, which helps you find your next hike up to a beautiful mountain hut here in the Valle Aurina.

HolidayPass Premium

With us you can enjoy a carefree holiday without your car
With the Holidaypass Premium we give our guests the possibility to

Mit dem Holidaypass Premium geben wir unseren Gästen die Möglichkeit alle öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel in ganz Südtirol kostenfrei zu benützen und somit nicht nur einen entspannten, autofreien und somit stressfreien, sondern auch umweltfreundlichen Urlaub im Natur- und Wanderparadies Pustertal zu genießen.

Neben der kostenfeien Mobilität beiinhaltet der Holidaypass Premium außerdem einige interessante Vorteile und Ermäßigungen bei verschiedensten Freizeiteinrichtungen und Museen.

Außerdem bieten wir unseren Gästen mit dem Holidaypass Premium die Möglichkeit von Montag bis Freitag an den verschiedenen kostenfreien Wanderungen und Veranstaltungen des Outdoorcenters teilzunehmen.

Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an unser Rezeptionsteam.