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The Finnish sauna & Physiotherm infrared cabin in Hotel Mühlwald

During your wellness holidays in Val di Tures Aurina you can take advantage of the rejuvenating effect of our Finnish sauna.

The sauna helps to prevent colds, relaxes body and soul and strengthens the immune system if used on a regular basis. Furthermore, in Finland saunas (usually wooden huts) are built in the vicinity of a lake so you can cool down after each sauna session.

Physiotherm infrared cabins – the best heat for your health.

Heat for improved health and well-being

Heat is directly related to well-being and health – something humans have always known instinctively. No one likes to feel cold and, whenever it is cold, we automatically look for a source of heat. Heat feels good and also contributes to emotional well-being. Almost all cultures in all eras have known that heat can promote health and alleviate a range of conditions and have developed numerous methods for applying heat to certain parts or the whole of the body. Applying heat relaxes tissue, alleviates pain and cleanses the body.

From today’s perspective, applying heat, in particular applying whole-body heat, has an astonishingly broad range of uses. It can be used to improve circulation and the supply of nutrients to tissue, “flush” the space between cells, stimulate the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. In addition, heat can relax muscles and alleviate pain. Regular whole-body heat applications, such as those provided by low-temperature technology, can therefore be a valuable part of custom therapy programmes for a number of illnesses and are also meaningful as preventive therapy.

This method has a different purpose than traditional whole-body applications such as saunas, steam baths and standard infrared cabins etc.

Gentle whole-body heating allows the numerous beneficial effects of heat to be applied in particular to the body shell – a benefit when it comes to a large number of chronic illnesses.

With regular use, it can:
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve circulation and metabolism
  • reduce tension and soothe back pain
  • promote purification and detoxification of the body via intensive sweating and therefore contribute to weight loss have a positive impact on the treatment of skin conditions
  • A session in the Physiotherm infrared cabin has the same effect as a gentle cardiovascular endurance training.
  • The effects provided by Physiotherm low-temperature infrared cabins
  • If you want to achieve easily tolerated whole-body heating, the environment must be thermo-neutral (air temperature between 27 and 37 °C). In this starting condition where no heat is applied to the body, the body is in thermal equilibrium with the environment and the blood can flow freely into the interior of the body. If you then apply heat to a limited area of no more than approx. 10 to 12% of the surface of the skin (ideally the back), thermo-neutral blood (from approx. 90% of the skin’s surface) mixes with heated blood (from 10 to 12% of the skin’s surface). The heat alarm system within the body is not activated and the flow of this quantity of heat to the interior of the body via the blood is not prevented. The core body temperature rises continuously and slowly from the start. The applied heat is then gradually distributed from the inside (the core) to the outside via a change in circulation and the distribution of blood. The whole body is then heated (the body core and the body shell).

The Finnish sauna & Physiotherm infrared cabin  in Hotel Mühlwald
The Finnish sauna & Physiotherm infrared cabin  in Hotel Mühlwald
The Finnish sauna & Physiotherm infrared cabin  in Hotel Mühlwald

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